Burdo Studios

Presten Allen


“Hi, I’m Preston. I am 10 years old. I live with my family in Colorado and I love life! My parents are amazing and my little sister, Penelope, is so much fun.

I’m in the fourth grade. Mathematics is my best subject. Phys Ed (and of course Recess) is my favorite elective because I like to use my body for play, and I enjoy exerting so hard that I sweat!

Being born with cerebral palsy has certain challenges. For example, I have had to do physical therapy since I was a tiny baby, and I also had to endure clinical procedures that I didn’t like at all. Recently, I had surgery with many phases of rehabilitation which was very difficult, but successful.”

Preston’s diagnosis had not been at the time of his birth because it wasn’t really apparent until he had difficulty with certain milestones like standing stably, sitting up, and walking well. The Pilates Method helps so much with these things. It has helped his posture, his control, and his comprehension of how to feel stable upon his feet as he stands and walks. During formative years of his early life he was exposed every day to the Pilates Method through my grandmother (He calls her YA / aka Laura Burdo). He heard her teach the power of the Pilates principles everyday, and he saw lots of people come to her studio all the time. Preston explains that he “participated” in various Trio classes, Duets, and Solo sessions – initially within his imagination. Later, in actual movement as he grew older.

Today, he engages in sports activities and takes gymnastic lessons. He even owns (and operates) his own Reformer apparatus! Preston understands that he is still young and striving to figure everything out, but he tells us that “Uncle Joe” Pilates has not just helped his body, but his mind and spirit, somehow.