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Corehouse® Pilates and Barre Programs

Choose from mat, various apparatus, private or small group Reformer classes. Personalize your Pilates experience! Choose from a wide range of customized styles.   Joseph Pilates Pilates is a method of mindful exercise developed by Joseph Pilates. He was the founder of Contrology – the original name for the Pilates method of exercise. Joseph used

Health Consulting

Education, encouragement, and elevation for private, group gatherings, or public speaking. Topics toilored to your health and well-being. Private personal education Small group gatherings Public Speaking

Personal Fitness Training

Private or Group Personal Training available in your home or other facility. All forms of fitness training available. Together we will determine the best plan for you. Rates vary. Please consult Laura Burdo. Private (in home or other facility) Group (in home or other facility) Coaching (in home or other location)

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