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Personalized Pilates, yoga, fitness, and nutritional wellness programs

Laura Burdo
Master trainer, clinical exercise therapist and wellness consultant

With over 35 years in the fields of fitness, holistic wellness and intuitive coaching, Laura Burdo has helped thousands of clients expand awareness, elevate well-being, and embark upon personalized paths of vitality with sustained success.

Her mission is to empower everybody to achieve their personal best by using common sense, science, and without desperate measures. Her belief is that safe consistent exercise, coupled with a conscientious lifestyle, not only staves off the aging process but literally is the fountain of youth!

Laura’s coaching experience is extensive and diversified, ranging from competitive athletes to persons of special populations and needs.

A former national lightweight bodybuilding champion, a performing gymnast, and a fitness model, Laura now focuses her time and talents on promoting optimum health in others.

Awards and accreditations

Gold-Certified Consultant, Clinical Exercise Therapist, Master Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Specialist – Licensed internationally by The American Counsel on Exercise Organization

Master Yoga Teacher– Licensed by The Holy Yoga Global Foundation

Member of The American College of Sports Medicine

Personal Trainer Certification by The American Institute Of Fitness Educators (AIFE)

Certified Pilates and Barre Teacher

Listed on The Biltmore Who’s Who Register

#1: Best Personal Training / CrossFit Gym
Best of Cincinnati 2014

#1: Best Personal Trainer
#2: Best Pilates Studio
Best of Cincinnati 2013
#1 Best Personal Trainer
#2 Best Pilates Studio
Best of Cincinnati 2012

#1 Best Personal Trainer
#2 Best Pilates Studio
Best of Cincinnati 2011

Kris Miller,
Pilates instructor and nutrition consultant

Kris’s experience as a client at Burdo Studios proved to be remarkably transformative, serving as the catalyst for her decision to pursue certification as an instructor with The American Fitness Professionals & Associates. Teaching Pilates & wellness seamlessly aligned with her long-standing career in education.

Kris is enthusiastic about imparting the profound benefits of Pilates to others. Her goal is to lead personalized steadily-paced classes while encouraging precise movement patterns. And she is always ready to share good tunes in the studio.

Kris resides in Loveland, Ohio with her husband, Jim. In their free time, they enjoy visiting their sons, and exploring new adventures and opportunities.

Korinne Nisonger,
Rebounder instructor and cardio consultant

Korinne always had a desire to create and to design. Her academic background began at The Savannah College of Art & Design where she studied Fashion. Later, she completed her education at The Cincinnati Art Academy, majoring in Marketing & Merchandising.

For Burdo Studios, she collaborates on various creative projects and promotions. Naturally, she have a passion for Pilates, but running is her favorite mode of movement. She’s participated in The Flying Pig Marathon in past years, among many other running events, and loved every aspect of it!

Korinne currently resides in Colorado Springs with her husband, Tim, where they maintain an active life raising three amazing kids.

Melinda Lynch,
Reflexology practitioner and essential oil consultant

Melinda is dedicated to helping others on their quest to living well. Her restorative services and teachings provide both edification and education. As she promotes personalized self-care using Reflexology, massage and essential oils collectively, she equips each client with the tools to sustain optimal health and well-being.

She is a graduate of Charolette Irwin’s Reflexology Program, an association with Guardian Massage and Reflexology, and is a licensed Massage Therapist who attended the Bluegrass Professional Massage therapy school.

In the pursuit of personalizing protocols for every individual, Melinda has attained several specialty certifications; Laura Norman Method for hand, face, ear and foot reflexology, Sorenson Method Facial Reflexologist, Canadian School of Reflexology Ear and Hand Reflexology, and she is an approved practitioner with Sally Kay Reflexology for Lymph Drainage.

Melinda’s practice is based in Kentucky and Ohio with specialized services available online. She is community-minded and travels to visit family as often as possible.

Sherri Koback,
Mindset consultant

We are proud to partner with Sherri Koback, owner and operator of the Heart and Soul Wellness Center. Her expertise in coaching concentrates on personal development and dedicating oneself to living a balanced lifestyle.

Sherri’s background in wellness, business and administration has honed the supportive skillset she shares so graciously while coaching clients on-site and online.

She strategically assists with goal setting and provides positive accountability. From communication to collaboration, your personal progress comes by way of mindset shifts suggested specifically for you.

Sherri resides in Toledo, Ohio with her husband, Scott. They lead productive active lives, volunteering, traveling, and so often socialize with their many friends and loved ones.

Revitalizing history

This boutique-styled studio resides within an historic century-old home, giving novel appeal as it coincides with the revolutionary century-old methodology founded by Joseph Pilates, which is at the very core of our training and wellness programs.

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