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What is wellness?

What is wellness, why should we attain it, and most importantly, how could it alter and elevate your life? Wellness is defined as a state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued practice. The idea is to be as physically functional, and as spiritually and mentally whole as personally possible. And to have a healthy mindset on lifestyle which balances nutrition, rest, stress, with low to no chemical dependencies.

Certainly, this sounds sublime and attractive to all, at any age. However, many embark upon particular paths, encounter real-life deterrents, and erroneously begin to believe that the goal is unattainable. You may emotionally relate to this experience, as it stems from your perception of past falters and failures. Perhaps, you simply know yourself on a certain level, and reject the notion of putting forth too much effort. Lives are busy, and we do have limited time and energy. We all know the struggle is real because we have lived it. The age-old story of having a willing spirit, but weak flesh, or vice versa.

Here is the crux of the matter, we have been bombarded with unrelatable images amid multitudes of messages projecting to the public what good health should look like. We see popularized health and fitness programs which do not personally apply nor appeal. As an experienced health consultant, professional fitness trainer and clinical exercise therapist, I want to share my best advice on how to approach change. Firstly, envision wellness in our own life, including the ways in which it will benefit you and your loved ones. Secondly, journal about devising a personal plan, and how you will implement it. Be honest about your needs and realistic about your preferences. Lastly, enjoy the process. Lean into personal discovery, develop your own brand of discipline, and stay on your own side.

Consider physical activities in which you will continually do. Select low-impact modalities which will be sustainable throughout your years. Be gracious to your body as it is the only one you will have. Opt for activities which serve you, be it social or solo.

Pay attention to mental and spiritual well-being. Scientific studies tout that these factors significantly affect our ability to cope and to live hopeful lives. Learning how to mitigate anxiety and anger combats the development of disease, which is both wise and blissful. But, to be balanced in mind, body and spirit may well be boundless. Experience meditative yoga to relax and gain more mobility, and Pilates for core strength and postural integrity. Practice breath-work as you walk trails in nature, or play your favorite tunes and dance about your house.

Wellness is defined as a state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. Take good care of yourself, and may you be well and whole ~ mind, body, and soul.

You’ve heard it before, from a well-meaning friend, social media, or perhaps, you have also admonished others the same. It makes sense