Burdo Studios

Dr. Lou Muglia


I have worked with Laura Burdo for the past year and absolutely love the experience!

Initially, I went into our sessions with little familiarity of Pilates, but I have been overjoyed with what we have been able to accomplish together! The sessions themselves offer variety and constant new challenges. I perform the many independent routines she designs for me – Mat, Swiss ball, Yoga chair, weights, Pilates Arc – at home between our private sessions which has improved my strength, flexibility, and focus.

Laura has my enormous appreciation and affection for both encouraging and recognizing my progress in such a positive manner, and at the same time challenging me with new work to further my conditioning.

Beyond all this, Laura is just enormously FUN to work with! She has constant positive energy, authentic enthusiasm, patience, and great attention to detail. I am looking forward to many more years of training with her!