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Linda Berger

“For me, Pilates has become more than just a weekly workout. I find that I use the principles of this method when I’m going about my everyday activities.

Pilates has also had a significant impact on my past injures. For example, I was recently talking with a friend who has trouble with her hip. The symptoms sounded similar to bursitis, which I had several years ago. I mentioned how Pilates exercises facilitated the healing process, got the blood flowing in that area again, and allowed it to become more fluid. Once that happened, adding more advanced routines into my sessions strengthened and developed the weak areas that support the pelvis, allowing me to regain full range of motion with no residual evidence of bursitis!

I first encountered the Pilates Method, via Laura Burdo, years ago, when I had a serious concern with my neck. I had a herniated disc, 6 bone spurs and a mild case of spinal stenosis. Although, I may have some limitations for the rest of my life, Pilates has lengthened, and once again, strengthened the injured area and surrounding muscles.

Crediting coaching and my trained awareness, I now not only know what I can’t do, but what I can, and more!

Pilates is not my only form of exercise. I lift weights twice a week and do cardio too.  I find that I incorporate the Pilates principles into other workouts all the time, as this helps insure greater control and injury-prevention.

THE main reason I love Pilates is because of my teacher, Laura Burdo. She is a gifted practitioner because she truly espouses Joe’s philosophies and holds true to his practices. She has such passion for her clients. It is expressed through her desire for them to excel, gain confidence and love their bodies – in whatever condition that may be.

Laura is compassionate, yet challenging, and has a gift that she shares religiously. I guess you could say, for me, she is the “core” of it all.”

More testimonials

Steve Kemme

Steve Kemme

“Pilates has helped to strengthen my core structure, as well as raise my confidence in my physical capabilities.”

Danielle Watters

Danielle Watters

“Pilates is giving me physical strength, stability and even protection. The gentle-yet-powerful movements help and do not harm. Thank you, Laura, for being the beautiful soul who is teaching me. I am on a slow-but-sure exodus from being a slave

Dan Krage

Dan Krage

“My wife convinced me to give pilates a try after working with Laura for some time, with great results I might add. Having done more traditional gym workouts/personal training stuff in the past I didn’t really know what to expect.


Logan K Wink MD

“As a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, I work to help people understand the patterns of their behaviors and emotions, with the goal of increasing their emotional wellbeing, flexibility, and resilience. What I love about Pilates is that the core of the


Bernadette Ruud

“Agility and motion! A desk job is not exactly great for your health. Incorporating pilates 3 times a week has really made a difference in my body, breathing and overall mental health. Bonus – After 46 years I was able


Jim Miller

“Men need Pilates the most!”


Dr. Sally Brooks

“Pilates presents a unique gift to calm the mind and body as it commands concentration.”


Teresa Johnston

“Burdo Studios is the BEST!!! I came to Laura because I was suffering from chronic back pain, arthritis, and general mobility issues. Within just 8 months, Laura has helped me transform my body from feeling weak and chronically painful to