Burdo Studios

Mark Pomeroy


Laura has coached me through an extraordinary transformation!

I’m a 61 yrs young male long-time runner and cyclist In recent years, I had to tolerate a life with nagging minor pain. I thought it was an inevitable age-related problem and sought Laura’s help to better manage it. Here was my list of “complaints” before starting Pilates with Laura:

– Need hours to loosen up the stiffness after wake-up every morning

– Feeling like a bus hit me after short runs in the neighborhood

– Back pain after 20 minutes at my piano

– Bad posture – sloped shoulders

– Pain in my left shoulder (probably from bad posture)

I am now living a pain-free life! No pain in my shoulder or back, and i pop out of bed in the morning ready to go. I am pain-free during/after running and feel solid traversing up or down stairs.

My posture is much better – I’ve even received compliments from friends/family on this! I’m motivated to work on improving it further.

I can’t recommend Laura enough. She’s a true professional expert in her craft. She takes time to understand your situation and goals, will customize a program just for you and is so very inspirational through the Pilates sessions!