Kathryn Shamszad

I have worked with Laura for almost two years and have to say she is amazing! Her support and coaching is personalized, targeted, and
challenging- a perfect combination for helping to live well and get and stay fit. Highly recommend her for training and pilates!


Lothar Witt

I am an older client of Laura’s and started working with her a couple of years ago to improve my flexibility and balance. In 2018, I had a hip and knee replacement, and Laura assisted me in pre-had prior to each surgery. She worked together with my PT team to create a bridge from rehab back into my lifestyle. Her expert direction and instincts made all the difference. As a bonus, her lifestyle coaching as acted as a supplement for my entire wellness.


Mark Pomeroy

Laura has coached me through an extraordinary transformation!

I’m a 61 yrs young male long-time runner and cyclist In recent years, I had to tolerate a life with nagging minor pain. I thought it was an inevitable age-related problem and sought Laura’s help to better manage it. Here was my list of “complaints” before starting Pilates with Laura:

– Need hours to loosen up the stiffness after wake-up every morning

– Feeling like a bus hit me after short runs in the neighborhood

– Back pain after 20 minutes at my piano

– Bad posture – sloped shoulders

– Pain in my left shoulder (probably from bad posture)

I am now living a pain-free life! No pain in my shoulder or back, and i pop out of bed in the morning ready to go. I am pain-free during/after running and feel solid traversing up or down stairs.

My posture is much better – I’ve even received compliments from friends/family on this! I’m motivated to work on improving it further.

I can’t recommend Laura enough. She’s a true professional expert in her craft. She takes time to understand your situation and goals, will customize a program just for you and is so very inspirational through the Pilates sessions!


Dr. Lou Muglia

I have worked with Laura Burdo for the past year and absolutely love the experience!

Initially, I went into our sessions with little familiarity of Pilates, but I have been overjoyed with what we have been able to accomplish together! The sessions themselves offer variety and constant new challenges. I perform the many independent routines she designs for me – Mat, Swiss ball, Yoga chair, weights, Pilates Arc – at home between our private sessions which has improved my strength, flexibility, and focus.

Laura has my enormous appreciation and affection for both encouraging and recognizing my progress in such a positive manner, and at the same time challenging me with new work to further my conditioning.

Beyond all this, Laura is just enormously FUN to work with! She has constant positive energy, authentic enthusiasm, patience, and great attention to detail. I am looking forward to many more years of training with her!


Linda Berger

For me, Pilates has become more than just a weekly workout. I find that I use the principles of this method when I’m going about my everyday activities.

Pilates has also had a significant impact on my past injures. For example, I was recently talking with a friend who has trouble with her hip. The symptoms sounded similar to bursitis, which I had several years ago. I mentioned how Pilates exercises facilitated the healing process, got the blood flowing in that area again, and allowed it to become more fluid. Once that happened, adding more advanced routines into my sessions strengthened and developed the weak areas that support the pelvis, allowing me to regain full range of motion with no residual evidence of bursitis!

I first encountered the Pilates Method, via Laura Burdo, years ago, when I had a serious concern with my neck. I had a herniated disc, 6 bone spurs and a mild case of spinal stenosis. Although, I may have some limitations for the rest of my life, Pilates has lengthened, and once again, strengthened the injured area and surrounding muscles.

Crediting coaching and my trained awareness, I now not only know what I can’t do, but what I can, and more!

Pilates is not my only form of exercise. I lift weights twice a week and do cardio too.  I find that I incorporate the Pilates principles into other workouts all the time, as this helps insure greater control and injury-prevention.

THE main reason I love Pilates is because of my teacher, Laura Burdo. She is a gifted practitioner because she truly espouses Joe’s philosophies and holds true to his practices. She has such passion for her clients. It is expressed through her desire for them to excel, gain confidence and love their bodies – in whatever condition that may be.

Laura is compassionate, yet challenging, and has a gift that she shares religiously. I guess you could say, for me, she is the “core” of it all.


Barry Thomas

Pilates, and it’s principles have greatly improved my quality of life. I was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect that left me with significant neurological and muscular challenges. I’ve been working with Laura Burdo for over 5 years, and every week I discover new ways of applying the core principles of Pilates to help me overcome my challenges. This is due to Laura’s incredible knowledge of the human body, and how it ultimately functions at its best.

From my first session, Laura was able to assess my specific issues, while listening intently to what it was that brought me to her in the first place (my doctor had recommended Pilates to help support the demands upon my body and mind.) Then together, we determined short and long-term goals to achieve.

Laura works passionately to help her clients reach their goals. She is amazing at figuring out goals for her clients that they have never even imagined that they could reach -and then she makes you, as her client, believe fully in your ability to reach those goals!

Bottom-line, I would highly recommend Laura and the Pilates Method to anyone who seeks a high level of life.



“What I love about Laura is her ability to challenge me. Her personality, humor, and knowledge of not only Pilates, but of medicine and the body, make her an outstanding leader!”

Presten Allen

“Hi, I’m Preston. I am 10 years old. I live with my family in Colorado and I love life! My parents are amazing and my little sister, Penelope, is so much fun.

I’m in the fourth grade. Mathematics is my best subject. Phys Ed (and of course Recess) is my favorite elective because I like to use my body for play, and I enjoy exerting so hard that I sweat!

Being born with cerebral palsy has certain challenges. For example, I have had to do physical therapy since I was a tiny baby, and I also had to endure clinical procedures that I didn’t like at all. Recently, I had surgery with many phases of rehabilitation which was very difficult, but successful.”

Preston’s diagnosis had not been at the time of his birth because it wasn’t really apparent until he had difficulty with certain milestones like standing stably, sitting up, and walking well. The Pilates Method helps so much with these things. It has helped his posture, his control, and his comprehension of how to feel stable upon his feet as he stands and walks. During formative years of his early life he was exposed every day to the Pilates Method through my grandmother (He calls her YA / aka Laura Burdo). He heard her teach the power of the Pilates principles everyday, and he saw lots of people come to her studio all the time. Preston explains that he “participated” in various Trio classes, Duets, and Solo sessions – initially within his imagination. Later, in actual movement as he grew older.

Today, he engages in sports activities and takes gymnastic lessons. He even owns (and operates) his own Reformer apparatus! Preston understands that he is still young and striving to figure everything out, but he tells us that “Uncle Joe” Pilates has not just helped his body, but his mind and spirit, somehow.